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The Films

Bugs & Slugs

A short film showcasing macro photography of small critters including insects, worms, and slugs.

Genre: Macro Photography

Duration: 2:00



Android 207

An android is trapped inside of a large maze. The maze is vast and filled with many surprise.

Genre: Stop-Motion Animation

Duration: 9:42



It's Just A Movie

A retrospective look into the evils of censorship at play. You can view this film via Vimeo below or click the following link for a 720p HD version instead: It's Just A Movie



L19: Disposed

The last few minutes of an android's life.



At The Trough

It's feeding time...




Herring Run

A time-lapse/tilt-shift video revealing the activity of Vancouver Island's 2009 herring run.



Inanimate Objects

When the humans are away the objects will play.



Ominous Garden

A garden surrounded by that which is about to happen.




Isabel Knew Too Much

A friendly dog begins to comprehend the world around her. An understanding that is most disturbing to her.